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We are committed to providing high quality products, award winning design, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service. We specialize in retail signs, themed signs, branding and re-imaging, corporate identity sign programs, and entertainment signage as well as custom art pieces, neon, awnings, LED, and lighting fixtures.

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Central Signs offers sign design, structural and certified engineering, sign permit and variance acquisition, sign fabrication, project management, sign installation, and maintenance services.
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Central Signs will handle all of your sign permitting needs.  We will determine what is allowable at your location and design your signs from those specifications. We will obtain all the necessary permits and schedule all of the required inspections to make sure your sign is compliant with local laws as well as being well designed and well built.


The importance of design

In today's fast-paced world of smartphones and pop-up ads we are constantly fighting for an audience's attention. As someone is driving or walking past your storefront, it is critical that your signage stands out and identifies you as a unique place of business. Your sign triggers an emotion within each person that views it, even if they know nothing about your business itself.

Let's take an iconic major brand like Nike, Target, or Apple. Just by reading those brand names your brain will readily recall not only the logo but the emotional experience you have tied to that company. You may have thought of the way a pair of shoes feel on your feet, the feel you have inside a certain store, or how the buttons feel on your most used electronic device. Those feelings trigger emotions, and emotions are what trigger sales.

You can see why it is import to have your signage designed by a company that understands the psychological impact of color schemes, fonts, logos, and layouts. How do you want your brand perceived? Let our team of experts help you communicate your vision to the world via your signage.


We cover everything from pillar signs to stadium scoreboards. If its a sign, we can design, manufacture, install, and maintain it.

Exterior signs can be ground-mounted or building-mounted. Ground-mounted signs can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, and are typically mounted near a road to attract the attention of passing motorists. Building-mounted signs are attached to the place of business and may be useful in areas where foot traffic is prevalent, such as a downtown shopping area.

Interior signs help direct customers and staff to a specific location, advertise a promotion, or reinforce your brand image.


A sign is the most cost-effective form of marketing for your business. Unlike digital or print advertisements, your signage is visible to the public eye 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't miss the opportunity to continuously advertise your company and communicate your brand image. Simply put, your signage is the most important piece of marketing and branding your company.

Manufacturing & Installation

Channel Letters
Custom Steel & Aluminum Cabinets
Neon & LED
Pan, Poly, Flex or Routed Aluminum Faces
Church Signs
School Signs
Backlight Displays
Any Commercial Identification Project
Low Cost Electronic Signs


All of our signage is manufactured in-house. Once you have your graphics designed and produced on professional design software such as Corel Draw and FlexiSIGN-PRO, our manufacturing team will produce your signage in our modern production facility. Depending on the application we may use laser cutting, 3D printing, or CNC manufacturing to produce your sign.


Our team of experienced and licensed professionals will provide direction for installation of your signage and graphics. Our technicians arrive on site a fully-equipped vehicles to get the install done with quality workmanship. We have a fleet of trucks including a 60' Elliot, 72' Freight Liner Sky Hoist, and a 80' GMC Sky Hook.  Just like all of our design and manufacturing is done in-house, our installations are also performed by Central Signs staff with no 3rd party interaction. From start to finish, we handle everything involved with your sign.


At Central Signs we stand behind our work. That's why we offer lifetime maintenance with every sign we install. We take pride in handling every aspect of your signage from start to finish, and that includes keeping it looking as good as the day it was installed. Even if your sign was designed and installed by another company, we are happy to step in and take over your maintenance needs. Contact us today to join our maintenance program and never worry about upkeeping your sign again.


We have a passion for creating eye-catching art. Central Signs started purely as a sign business, but under our new ownership we have expanded to fill a niche in custom artwork. We can create 3D art in the form of lighting fixtures, statues, displays, and more. We enjoy a challenge and we are always looking for ways to showcase the talent of our team and the quality of our production. Get in touch with our talented artists today and bring your dreams to life.

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About Us

Since 1971, our second generation family owned business has been located in the heart of Daytona Beach. We have over 10,000 square feet of capacity in our manufacturing facility. Our sign products are produced with knowledge and care by an experienced group of craftspeople. We are committed to meeting the sign industry demands of competitive pricing, quality products and insightful customer service. Knowledge, communication, and performance — we deliver it all for you.
For the last four decades, our goal has remained consistent: To understand and perform on our customers needs by being a great asset to our community. Central Signs is a full service sign shop where customer service and satisfaction are the foundations of business. Whether it's custom electric signs, corporate programs, channel letters, rigid or flexible faces, church signs, school signs, or back-light displays, let Central Sign's experience work for you.

Your sales package includes a personal, in-depth meeting, a full-color rendering with specifications, a site survey and price quote. All work conforms to UL standards, NEC and local codes and ordinances that may have jurisdiction. We are fully insured and licensed in the State of Florida. Contact us today and put our sign solution experts to work for you!

New Ownership

Charles Hutcherson
Charles Hutcherson Aguirre- President
Charles comes from 34 years in the civil engineering business leading transportation planning, roadway design, signing, utility design/coordination, rail/transit studies, land development, corridor and PD&E study projects. His planning, design and construction management responsibilities range from initial proposal writing, contract negotiations to final plans production. Charles has led and worked on a multitude of some of the biggest civil engineering design/build and planning projects across the state of Florida. Charles has worked with every Florida Department of Transportation District in Florida. He now brings this experience and knowledge base to the Sign Industry and more specifically to your specific signage and lighting needs. "Exceptional value is our goal to every customer here at Central Signs. We know each customer places unique and specific media needs to their business. Our job is to create the balance of your signs desired look and impact with top quality and best pricing to achieve your goals with complete satisfaction."

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